• 7 Costly Mistakes When Going Green with Solar Photovoltaic PV in Honolulu, Hawaii

7 Costly Mistakes When Going Green with Solar Photovoltaic PV in Honolulu,


By Richie Aqui -- Akamai Energy

"7 Costly Mistakes When Going Green with PV Solar"

DON'T MAKE THE BIG MISTAKE of installing solar photovoltaic PV system in your Honolulu, Hawaii home without knowing the biggest mistakes buyers make. Become an educated shopper!

Misunderstanding solar tax credit eligibility and how solar tax credits work. Before you decide to purchase your PV solar system be sure to check with your tax preparer or financial advisor to make sure you have enough ‘tax appetite' to take advantage of state and federal tax credits. Tax credits are not tax rebates and therefore the homeowner purchasing a PV solar system must have the tax liability to take advantage of these generous and attractive credits. While solar providers aren't tax advisors, they can provide you with basic information on how solar tax credits can work for you.

Improperly sizing your PV solar system. Make sure that your system is sized appropriately for your energy usage. Your solar installer should have extensive knowledge of your sun zone, shading obstacles and the optimal positioning and placement of PV solar panels on your roof in order for you to nearly eliminate your electric bill. Don't get caught with an undersized system after spending thousands of dollars. Do it right the first time.

Misunderstanding PURCHASE and LEASE options before signing the dotted line. While purchasing a PV solar system provides one of the best returns on investment today -- Is it right for you? Homeowners need to understand the pros and cons of both purchasing and leasing so that they can make an educated decision. Don't be forced into a decision because a solar provider only sells one option. At Akamai Energy, homeowners can choose from purchasing, leasing or the NEW MyEasySolarLoan option that offers the benefits of no money down and low monthly payments of leasing with the advantages of receiving tax credits only offered through purchasing.

Not making your home energy-efficient first. Before installing PV solar on your home, it's a good idea to do a simple home energy audit first. Simple and inexpensive changes to incandescent light bulbs or switching to energy efficient appliances can help save you money before your PV system goes up.

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