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Good morning...and welcome to solar in sixty seconds...

I'm Richie Aqui from Akamai Energy. When considering installing a solar system on your home... a major consideration for many homeowners is aesthetics... after all... system sizes range from as little as ten panels to forty or more... and for those homeowners that have put a lot of money and time into the beauty of
their home...a poorly designed system can be a solar site for sore eyes... the good news is... at Akamai Energy every system design involves the homeowner's approval with no surprises... featuring high tech computer programs that can design your system on sky shot images of your roof with the added insurance of an on site pre evalution prior to every installation ... to further enhance the aesthetics of your home... you can even upgrade the standard black on silver panels... to the very stylish black on black... for a free on site evaluation call Akamai Energy today... or visit us on our website... at Akamai Energy Hawaii dot com... for solar in sixty seconds... I'm Richie Aqui

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