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Good morning... and welcome to solar in sixty seconds...

I'm Richie Aqui from Akamai Energy. A recent New York Times article highlighted the true cost of choosingcheap panels over high quality solar panels. Most ofthe concerns over quality center on China... where overthe last eighteen months even the most reputable companies are substituting cheaper, untested materials... defect solar panel rates up to twenty two percent were discovered during audits of fifty factories and a review of thirty thousand installations found eighty percent were underperforming... the good news ... there is one american panel manufacturer that has never experienced the issues just described in over thirty five years of solar manufacturing... .Who is this company? Call us today to find out and let us help youinstall solar the right way...Because buying cheap panels could cost you in the long run... .For solar in sixty seconds... I'm Richie Aqui from akamai enegy... aloha

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