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Good morning... I'm Richie Aqui from Akamai Energy ... and this is solar in sixty seconds... did you know that the production of your photovoltaic solar system is dependent on how efficient your panels are? And to keep your panels efficent they need to be kept clean?... In the past...Many believed that the natural cleaning of solar panels through rain and wind was sufficient and therefore no additional manual cleaning was required. However, this is outdated from today's perspective. Non-cleaning of solar panels will often result in irreversable damage, reduction in efficiency and a shorter panel life span. Call Akamai Energy today to find out how inexpensive it is to clean, coat and protect your solar panels to keep them at their highest efficiency... remember... a clean solar panel... is a happy... efficient panel... . And that means more money saved in your bank account... for solar in sixty seconds... I'm Richie Aqui from Akamai Energy...

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