• Solar Photovoltaic Purchasing Made Easy And Affordable

Solar Photovoltaic Purchasing Made Easy And Affordable


Akamai Energy is making the task of purchasing a solar system easy and affordable. Contact us setup with a friendly Akamai Energy representative that will handle a short 30 minute on-site survey of your home and review of your electrical needs. A verbal estimate is giving on the spot followed up with a formal written estimate within 24 hours.

Akamai Energy understands that the clock is ticking and everyone is in a hurry to take advantage of 35% state credits and 30% federal tax credits before 2012 is up. For this very reason, Akamai Energy is prepared with enough install crews to handle the fall rush for Photovoltaic solar.

To help expedite any financing needs, Akamai Energy has teamed up with one of Hawaii's top local credit unions with 11 Oahu branches to help you get financed quickly for your solar system. To apply with an Akamai Energy solar loan program partner all you need is your Akamai Energy contract, signed loan application, 2 years tax returns and 2 current pay stubs for all parties applying for the loan and you can get financed in as little as 3-4 business days.

Going green can be expensive and that's why Akamai Energy has the most competitive pricing program on the market for the top of the line Solar World 255 American made panels featuring 25 year warranties on both panel and micro inverter as well as a 10 year installation warranty. Did you know that Solar World panels are salt mist resistant? Perfect for Hawaii! Solar World panels have been proven and tested as the #1 American made panel hands down and Akamai Energy is upgrading all its customers to the top rated SW255 model at no extra charge!

Akamai Energy even takes care of all your permits, HECO net metering agreements, and homeowners association paperwork to make it as easy as possible to go green for 2012!

To make it even more enticing, did you know that Akamai Energy's installers have over 10 years experience in hot water solar and roofing? Wouldn't you prefer to have a roofer taking care of your solar installation on your largest family investment?

Akamai Energy encourages everyone this holiday season to give your family the gift that keeps giving back thousands of dollars in savings...month after month...year after year... a PV solar system from Akamai Energy... the absolute best investment for your ohana hands down!

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