• Solar Photovoltaic PV System Questions And Answers For Hawaii Business Magazine Interview

Solar Photovoltaic PV System Questions And Answers For Hawaii Business Maga

Why does clean energy matter to Hawaii's future?

Being green and energy efficient will help our state reduce it's dependence on imported oil and with rising energy costs which are in direct relation to oil costs...Hawaii's businesses can save thousands and thousands of dollars by investing in photovoltaic solar. I truly believe that the decision you make today to invest in a PV system...whether for your household orbusiness will dramatically affect the future of your business and your family. More people saving money means more people spending money... a thriving economy creates a better Hawaii.

The growth of clean energy in Hawaii has created an abundance of jobs and has saved the state millions of dollars in energy costs. Being in the middle of the pacific...we will always pay a premium for oil... we need to be self sufficient...we are in the sweet spot for solar... we've got lots of sunshine...it just makes good sense!

What makes Akamai Energy a unique provider of solar systems?

At Akamai Energy we understand that going green can be a expensive. Yes...we should all look at it as an investment...but for many...getting the financing together can be a major hurdle. Going green should be an option for everyone... not just some... Our mission is to provide the highest quality photovoltaic system...at an affordable price. We understand that if everyone had the budget for PV...going green would be a no brainer... A companies decision to go green today will have an exponential effect on their future profits... We are here to help the 'how' in how do we get there? We are definitely the most affordable choice.

What services do you provide?

We currently provide photovoltaic solar systems (PV) for both residential homeowners and commercial businesses... solar hot water heating systems for residential homes... we also have a cleaning and maintenance program for both residential and commercial systems... a cleaner panel means a more efficient panel... and when you are dealing with reducing your electric bill...you need maximum efficiency. We have an exclusive cleaning product to Hawaiithat will not only clean your panels...but will maintain a clean surface on your panel after the cleaning is done. This is a service that we are very excited about and we offer this service to all residential homeowners and commercial businesses regardless of whether they purchased a PV system from Akamai Energy or another PV company. At Akamai Energy, for all new residential PV system purchases, we provide the first two years of semi annual cleaning for all our customers which is a very attractive feature to have.

Also, this year...many homeowners are anxious about the changes to the state's tax credit. Hawaii still ranks among the nation's most aggressive solar tax credit program... you are still getting the same 35% as last year...just a different cap ruling based on 5kw systems. In addition to that...the 30% federal credit still exists... a PV solar system is by far THE BEST INVESTMENT... better than the stock market... from the moment that system is turned on... you are making money.

At Akamai Energy we are offering the AKAMAI REBATE this year to help bridge our consumers confidence of 2012's incentives with those of 2013. The AKAMAI REBATE is designed to basically make up for the credits they feel they lost.

Really... PV solar with no tax credits or rebates is a PHENOMENAL investment... still better than the stock market... leaving the money sitting making almost no interest? or simply paying your high electric bill gambling with the uncertainty of higher energy costs in the future...

with the state 35% credit, federal 30% credit...and the Akamai Rebate... are you kidding me?

Do you offer any financial packages that local business owners should know about?

As I mentioned before, for most...the decision to go green... and go solar is a no brainer with the tremendous upside that a PV system offers as far as return on investment... the real challenge is the upfront costs...which is why help provide our customers with several attractive financing options that can assist them with the capital needed.

The PPA or Power Purchase Agreement is a very attractive option for most companies who don't have the up front capital but would like to benefit from the savings that a PV system provides. This allows a business to avoid being a victim of the uncertainty of rising energy prices without the large up front investment.

How can clients make money off of their solar system?

Money saved is money earned. In the case of a residential system... an up front investment of $25,000 may seem dramatic...but after 35% state and 30% federal credits... and Akamai Energy's rebate incentive... you are talking no where close to what you will spend over 25 years on electricity.

Its funny... I guess its human nature... its so easy for us to buy a car...even an expensive car over $25,000... go shopping for things we don't need... go to Vegas and throw money away.... with PV solar... because you are saving money from day one... you are MAKING MONEY.

Think about it... if you are paying $3000 a year right now...that $3000 a year over 25 years will add up to $75,000 minimum... if after tax incentives and rebate you may have paid approximately $10,000 for a PV system you made 7x your money... after you factor in inflation or the money saved in an investment fund... that $75,000 will easily grow to over six figures... That is the power of investing in a PV solar system today... do it for your family... for your retirement...child's college tuition... help your child purchase their first home... investing in a PV solar system today is an investment in your family - period.

What is Akamai Energy's role in the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative?

With affordability being an important factor in our business model... I feel we will help moreHawaii residents and businesses go green with PV solar. We believe in our state's decision to achieve energy independence... and we believe that going green with PV solar should be an option for everyone... that is why we keep our system prices affordable.

Why should energy efficiency matter to local business owners?

A business owner's decision to go green with PV solar will impact a businesses financial budget and operating expenses. Energy costs are on the rise... the decision to go with PV today...can make or break a business and how it is affected by the continuous rise of energy costs. It affects profit margin... it will help cover rough times. When a business is affected...it ultimately affects home...

Going green with PV solar is the smartest decision a business owner can make today... its the smartest decision homeowners can make for their families... that is why we came up with Akamai Energy - Hawaii's Smart Energy Solution. We encourage everyone to be akamai...and go green with PV solar.

What industries are underserved and would benefit from your services?

I would like to see more schools go green with PV... The savings alone on rising energy costs would help provide our keiki with better facilities, educational tools... help take care of our teachers... our keiki is our future... I'm all about the children of Hawaii... Being a father of 3...anything I can do to help create a better tomorrow by playing a foundational role as to how we helped create the savings that in essence created a better educational environment... structure... the best teachers for our youth... that would be my personal mission.

What is the future of clean energy in Hawaii?

Hawaii will continue its growth in clean energy... more jobs... less reliance on imported oil...It will create a better tomorrow for our keiki... that's why its so important that we continue on this quest towards the state's 2030 goal.

Anything else the consumer should know?

For residential.. I'd like to see more young homeowners go green with PV solar... I know the biggest hurdle for them is the up front costs and lack of equity in their home... again because it is Akamai Energy's mission to give everyone the option to go green... we have created a special financing option for them upon qualification.

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