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Good morning...and welcome to solar in sixty seconds...

I'm Richie Aqui from Akamai Energy. Two thousand thirteen is racing by and the pv solar clock is ticking once again... In two thousand twelve, hawaii experienced a statewide race against the clock as thousands of homeowners rushed to get their pv solar systems installed before the new year... hundreds of disappointed customers were turned away when pv solar installers were sold out as early as late october early November. Industry experts say don't wait til its too late... while the federal tax credit is in play til two thousand sixteen... the generous thrity five percent hawaii solar tax credit is always on the table for discussion... other factors you need to consider is the turn around time for city permits, home owners association approvals and hawaiian electric net meter applications. Call Akamai Energy today and avoid the last minute rush. Let us help you get your pv solar system installed before the two thousand thirteen sun sets. For solar in sixty seconds...i'm Richie Aqui.

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