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  • What is Akamai Energy's role in the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative?

Akamai Energy's Role in Hawaii's Clean Energy Initiative

We believe in our state's decision to achieve energy independence and we believe that going green with PV solar should be an option for everyone, that is why we keep our system prices affordable. With affordability being an important factor in Akamai Energy's business model, we will help more Hawaii residents and businesses go green with PV solar.

Being green and energy efficient will help our state reduce it's dependence on imported oil. Hawaii's businesses can save thousands and thousands of dollars by investing in photovoltaic solar.

The decision you make today to invest in a PV system, whether for your household or business will dramatically affect the future of your business and your family. More people saving money means more people spending money, a thriving economy creates a better Hawaii!

Hawaii will continue its growth in clean energy. This means more jobs and less reliance on imported oil. It will create a better tomorrow for our keiki, that is why its so important that we continue on this quest towards the state's goal of 100% clean energy by 2045.

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